Know where to send it

Get the edge

If you want to dominate on the 3D course, give yourself the best 3D target resource available. Toss the plastic target cards and get high definition images of all the targets you'll face on ASA and IBO courses. 

View both sides of the animal for a clear indication of where the scoring rings are. Study them prior to a shoot. Use them on the course. To master the targets, you have to know the targets.


Easy to Use

Each of our targets were photographed from every angle you'll encounter on the course.

  1. Select from ASA or IBO.
  2. Choose your animal. (you can select by name or the size category)
  3. Tap on the orientation (left side or right side, front or back)
  4. Zoom in and move around the interactive image.
  5. Drill the 12 ring. 

Browse the Rules

Included in the app are ASA and IBO rules sections. Having these at your fingertips makes for quick referencing so you stay in the clear with your equipment and on course etiquette.